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2020-2021 College of Liberal Arts (Admitted Fall 2020/Spring 2021) 
2020-2021 College of Liberal Arts (Admitted Fall 2020/Spring 2021) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANTH 210 - Introduction to Museum Studies and Cultural Management

4 credits

This course will introduce the fundamentals of Museum Studies and Cultural Management.  Students will gain an understanding of the museum as a cultural organization, the various departments, and its inner workings. For example, students will be required to design an exhibition and work through all phases of creating and mounting an exhibition from its inception to funding, programing, installation, and final stage of de-installation etc.  A virtual experience of the intricacies and the complexities of this process will allow students to not only explore the various challenges, but better understand the various departments that make up a museum.

Museums are major repositories for cultural objects and cultural heritage.  The course will also explore the fundamental question of “What is heritage?”, how is it produced and to what extent does it (re)arrange relationships between time, memory and identity? How do some heritages come to be memorialized and institutionalized and others excluded? This portion of the course will explore the historical development of the concept of heritage and what role museums play in this development as well as the genesis of international heritage administration. Emerging trends, best practices, and national heritage laws will also be discussed. Case studies from different regions and social contexts will be the lens through which these issues are examined. Equivalent: ARTH 210 .  CLA- Breadth/Humanities

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