Mar 27, 2023  
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts

Law, Justice, and Society Minor

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Effective: Fall 2016

The Law, Justice, and Society Minor provides an interdisciplinary perspective on law.  We study the complex ways in which law works in society and the integral relationship of law with justice.  The law is not a tool or technique to be mastered and manipulated.  Law emerges out of struggles over social, political, and cultural values; law affects different communities differently; and law shapes society and is shaped by it.  Students in the Law, Justice, and Society program will become familiarized with law in different societies, but even more, they will learn a holistic way of thinking about the interactions of law, justice, and society that will serve them well whether they go into law or another field.

Requirements for the Minor (20 Credits)

Click on the hyperlinked course subject/number to view course details including prerequisites and course attributes. Students should speak with the instructor if they do not meet any prerequisites for the course and wish to register.

I. Required Core/Gateway Course

II. Electives

Four other courses are to be chosen from the following, provided that they are from at least two different departments. At least two courses must have a non-U.S., or International, focus.


ARGS 863 - Banned Books: Russian Literature and Censorship (Caspersen School of Graduate Studies) and CSOC 561 - Mass Incarceration and Economic Justice (Theological School) may be taken and counted toward the electives portion of the minor requirements.

Other courses offered as special topics may be applied to the minor as deemed appropriate.


PSYC 360 : Psychology Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Psychology (if topic is: Psychology and the Law [U.S. Focus] or one similar)

PSCI 256 : Selected Studies in Political Science (if topic is: Introduction to Legal Education [U.S. Focus] or one similar)

PSCI 332 : Advanced Topics in Political Theory

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