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2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts

International Relations Major

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Effective: Fall 2014

Modifications Made to Curriculum: Fall 2016, Fall 2020


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Requirements for the Major

II. Language Study (4 credits)

Students must complete one course in the target language beyond Drew’s general education requirement.  Students starting a language at Drew will therefore require four semesters of language study to fulfill this requirement.  Students who place beyond the fourth semester of language instruction in a Drew foreign language will be considered to have completed this requirement, and can complete the major with only 50 credits.

III. Intermediate or Upper-Level (24 credits)

In addition to the required core, language and capstone courses, students must take 24 credits (total) in the intermediate (200) and upper level (300) level courses.  At least half of these credits (12) must be at the upper level.  A minimum of 16 of these intermediate and upper level credits must be taken on campus.


A student can propose to have a maximum of 8 credits from other departments applied to the Major.  The proposal must be substantively related to the Major’s focus and be approved by the faculty adviser. Students planning to attend graduate school in Political Science, Public Policy, Public Administration, or a related field and students planning to write an honors thesis or enroll in upper-level research seminars are encouraged to take PSCI 307  - Research Methods in Political Science.

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