Mar 22, 2023  
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts

French and Francophone Studies Major

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Major effective prior to 2011.

Modifications Made to Curriculum: Fall 2020

Requirements for the Major (34-38 credits)

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I. Prerequisites (Do not count towards Major) (8 credits)

 By placement exam or the following courses:

II. Intermediate French (4 credits)

IV. Electives (20 credits)

Students should take at least twenty credits from the list below. A maximum of 4 credits in English (FREN 233 ; FREN 235 ; FREN 335) is permitted. Students may substitute a relevant course on French history or culture from another department with permission of the department chair; this course will count toward the four credits permitted in English. In the category of “Literature, Culture and Current Issues”, students study Francophone cultures through literature, history, film and current issues. The “Intensive Language Practice” category focuses on sharpening and enhancing students’ language proficiency through the practice of creative writing and translation or through on-site language practice in ShortTrecs embedded or not in a course.


It is strongly recommended that all French majors spend time studying in France or in a French-speaking country. Students considering graduate studies in French language, civilization, and/or literature should take general-education requirements in a cognate field and additional courses in French and Francophone literature and culture. Students interested in careers in international affairs, business, or law should take courses in the relevant disciplines and programs.

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