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2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts

Baldwin Honors

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About the Program 

The Baldwin Honors Program was created specifically for academically strong students. It emphasizes independent learning, research and leadership, culminating in a full-year, senior experience. Students in this program will engage in Honors seminars as well as opportunities outside the classroom that greatly enrich their liberal education at Drew.

Admission at Drew - Students may be nominated by the faculty to join the Baldwin Honors Program or they may apply at the end of their first year and at the end of each semester of their sophomore year. The program’s Advisory Committee assesses the applications and admits those most qualified to participate. Student applications are evaluated on the basis of the students’ demonstrated engagement with their academic program, their purposefulness about their education, their leadership in the classroom and/or on campus, their achievement of a Drew GPA of 3.5 or higher (3.6 starting with the class entering in Fall 2015), and their standing in the top 15% of their class.

Good Standing - Students must maintain an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher (3.6 starting with the class entering in Fall 2015) in order to remain in the program and must also maintain the highest standards of academic integrity and student conduct. The director reviews student records at the end of every semester and warns any student who is in jeopardy. Academic records are formally reviewed at the end of each academic year; any decisions about dismissal from the program are made at that time. Failure to meet other requirements of the program may also result in students being placed on probation or dismissed. Decisions about dismissal from the program and about appeals on the basis of extraordinary circumstances are made by the Baldwin Honors Program director and the Faculty Advisory Committee.

For more detailed information about the program, please contact the Program Director.

Program Requirements

A Baldwin Honors student’s academic program consists of the following:

  • A one-credit Honors Colloquium taken in the fall semester of the first year (this requirement is waived for entering sophomores).
  • Two Honors seminars: one taken in the spring semester of the first year and one taken during the second year (entering sophomores may take both seminars in their second and third years).
  • An additional 4 credits of Honors coursework through an Honors seminar, Honors-across-the-Curriculum courses, or Honors tutorial.
  • Participation in the Junior-year Community Initiative.
  • Completion of an Honors Thesis in the senior year.
  • Minimum total of Honors coursework: 20-21 credits.

A student who fails to complete any element of the program will not receive a Baldwin Honors diploma.

Other Requirements

JUNIOR COMMUNITY INITIATIVE - All junior Baldwin Honors students propose and implement a community initiative either on or off campus. The initiative must involve Drew students beyond those in the Baldwin Honors program. In this initiative, Junior Baldwin Honor students operate cooperatively, strengthening their leadership skills and applying the academic skills and knowledge acquired as Baldwin Honors students. The project could be a citizenship or social change initiative, a campus or community education initiative, or an academic initiative such as organizing an academic symposium or conference. Common to all initiatives are a) they are conceptualized and executed by the junior Baldwin Honors students b) they involve other members of the Drew community, especially other students c) they must be completed in the junior year d) they have an academic component and e) they involve the students in reflection on the initiative upon its completion.

HONORS THESIS - Each Baldwin Honors student in his or her senior year must complete a substantial and challenging project. For most students, this will be an Specialized Honors thesis project completed through the Specialized Honors program in the College. In unusual circumstances, with the support of a faculty adviser, students may propose an alternative project to the Baldwin Honors Advisory Committee. This proposal will be assessed by the Committee on the merits of the project.


Director: John Muccigrosso, Associate Professor of Classics

Assistant Director: Bjorg Larson, Associate Professor of Physics


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