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2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts 
2021-2022 College of Liberal Arts

Political Science and International Relations

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About the Program

Political scientists study how people govern themselves-in realms from the smallest communities to the international system. In town meetings, the halls of governments, in transnational spaces, social movements, or the United Nations, the great political questions are the same: how to reconcile individual aspirations and community needs, freedom and equality, authority and justice, participation and power.

Drew’s Political Science program focuses on how these questions and contending values are reflected in diverse political arenas. Basic courses in political theory, American politics, comparative politics, and international relations provide knowledge and analytic tools students need to be informed citizens of their communities, nations, and the world. Advanced courses enrich and deepen this knowledge.

A Political Science major also includes opportunities for on-site study through the following specialized programs: The Semester on the United Nations, the Washington Semester, and the London Semester. Additionally, the John H. Ewing Center for Public Service and Public Affairs each semester provides a program of activities and financial support for students engaging in off-campus research and internships in the public sector. The Kean Summer Fellowship program provides a financial stipend for students to do internships related to politics and public service.


  • Chair: Jinee Lokaneeta, Professor
  • Professors:  Patrick McGuinn, Philip Mundo
  • Associate Professors: Carlos Yordán, Jason Jordan
  • Assistant Professor: Sangay Mishra, Phoebe Tang
  • Assistant Teaching Professor: Timothy Carter
  • Professor Emeritus: Hans Morsink

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

A 4-credit exemption from PSCI 103   - American Government and Politics will be given for a score of 4 or 5 on the AP American Government and Politics exam. An exemption will not be given for AP Comparative Politics, nor may students apply AP credits in Comparative Politics to the general education breadth requirements.

Off-Campus Programs

Semester on the United Nations

See the program’s catalog entry  for details.

Social Entrepreneurship Semester

See the program’s catalog entry  for details.

Semester in Washington

See the program’s catalog entry  for details.

London Semester

See the program’s catalog entry  for details.



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