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    Drew University
  Feb 24, 2018
2013-2014 College of Liberal Arts Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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About the Program

The Neuroscience major at Drew is a interdisciplinary program of study that allows students to explore the brain from the perspectives of many different disciplines, including biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, philosophy and psychology. The neuroscience curriculum introduces students to current theories that explain how the brain works at a variety of levels, from molecules to behavior. Intermediate and advanced coursework provides studnets with the opportunity to develop an increasingly more sophistaicated understanding of neural and cognitive processes, while providing them with the crtitical thinking and technical skills necessary to actively address some of the pressing questions in neuroscience today. In addition, the wide range of electives provides students with the opportunity to think about the workings of the brain in a broader context, and to expand their study of neuroscience beyond its traditional roots in biology and psychology.  

One strength of Drew’s Neuroscience program is its employment of hands-on laboratory and research experiences. Drew’s technologically sophisticated neuroscience laboratories are designed to give students broad access to applied experiences in studying the brain. All majors take laboratory courses in which they image live neurons with fluorescent microscopy, measure brain chemicals in animals, and examine behavioral responses to pharmacological or environmental challenges.  They also have the opportunity to use computers to study neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, model neural networks, and collect, analyze and graphically present data.


  • Professors: C. Robin Timmons, Psychology
  • Associate Professors: Roger Knowles, Biology; Christina R. McKittrick, Biology (Director)
  • Assistant Professors: Graham Cousens, Psychology; Monjoon Kouh, Physics

Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations

For exemption and credit considerations related to the biology, chemistry, and psychology AP examinations, please see the advice of the relevant departments.




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